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The idea of trying to put all the information about Algoma High School came about as a result of the Class of 1963.  For our 40th reunion in 2003, I had put up a limited website which spurred the interest of some of the classmates.

Many graduates of Algoma originally stayed in the area after graduating, however like most other small towns, the job opportunities dwindled and graduates struck out for parts unknown in search of education or jobs or the military.  They moved away, but they yearned for the good old days of Algoma where life was less complicated  and full of fun. Class reunions and visiting "home" and friends from the past is not only looked forward to, but is part of the vacation planning process when you live away from the area.

Unlike large schools where you didn't know but a few of the graduating class, in Algoma, it was different.  The typical Algoma High School graduate was born in the Algoma area, went to grade school and high school with the same group of people.  Many members of the graduating class felt like members of a large extended family.  So, this website will provide a conduit for you to remember your classmates, bring back some fun memories and maybe it will allow you to connect again with one of your extended family!

My name is Ron Heuer, I was born in Algoma, raised on a dairy farm just north of town.  I like others left for opportunity elsewhere. Life has been fast and hectic since I left.  I've lived in 23 different cities (22 in the U.S. and 1 Canadian, Toronto).  I've traveled to 63 countries throughout the world, including Vietnam during the war, but Algoma has always been "home".  I moved back to the area because it feels like home to me.

If you have information about a graduate of Algoma High School or a classmate of Algoma High School you would like posted on this site, contact me at: .

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