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Algoma Pictures

Algoma, Wisconsin is located 30 miles east of Green Bay, Wisconsin, nestled against the shore of Lake Michigan.  For years local fishermen would exit the Ahnapee river and complete their daily commercial fishing on the lake.  Their catch would be brought back to the "fish shanties" where they were cleaned, processed.  Smoked fish such as the lake chubs processed in these Algoma Shanties were considered to be the absolute best around.

The surrounding countryside was totally inhabited by dairy farmers who would produce milk for the various Cheese producing plants.  Algoma was the commercial center for the 2,700 city dwellers as well as the hundreds of farmers in the surrounding countryside.

Ariel Photo of Algoma Wisconsin, May 2007
 This beautiful aerial shot of Algoma was taken from the cockpit of Rockie's aircraft, alias (Roland Krause).  Bullwinkle, alias Ron Heuer, was the photographer.  Picture was taken in late May of 2007.  We had a very good landing too!

Photo Algoma Harbor Fishing Vessels

Photo Algoma Wisconsin Commercial Fishing Nets

Algoma Harbor on the Ahnapee River

Commercial Fishing Nets Drying

Fish Shanty on the shore of the Ahnapee River

Fish Tug making it's way through the Harbor Inlet

Photo of Algoma Light House

South Pier on a cold winter day

The "Lighthouse" located on the North Pier

Photo of St. Pauls Lutheran Church, Algoma, WI

North Pier in better weather

Picture of St. Paul's Luthern Church from the River

Algoma's Crescent Beach in Spring


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